About Techrion

Founded in 2012, Techrion Software Labs is a rapidly growing software development company that was formed in order to have a banner to fly over our very first product.

Noticing that there was a very real need for software to addressed the needs of PC users around the globe, we took the same ideology that led us to create our first product and then tackled our next major project.

We haven’t looked back since!

Techrion Software Labs is a company that specializes in delivering unique, proprietary software solutions to the general public.

Our offices are based in the Seychelles but, by utilizing the power and collaborative nature of the internet, we are able to work with developers all over the world.

Having the best possible minds on our creative team means casting a wider net than simply the city in which we’re based.

Our lead developers control the work flow and strategic implementation of our resources to the extent that the best coders in the world are able to contribute to each and every one of our creations.

Techrion Software Labs is a worldwide undertaking in a global village, with the aim of creating exceptional software that users really want.